A Mutual Practice

Equestrian Tai Chi is as much for our horse as it is for us. Our actions affect and balance our horse's energy too.

Promotes Balance

Equestrian Tai Chi's main principle is balance, finding balance in ourselves and in our relationship with our horse.

Develops Energy

Every movement in Equestrian Tai Chi works in alignment with the natural rhythms of our internal body to generate Chi.

Compliments Riding

Equestrian Tai Chi is a practice that's in harmony with riding and Tai Chi and Equestrianism share many of the same principles.


What Equestrian Tai Chi Offers

Equestrian Tai Chi balances the energy in our Physical body, releasing tension in our joints and muscles, smoothing our nervous system and enhancing the flow of our blood. It also benefits our synovial and lymphatic fluid.

It makes both sides of our body equally well balanced and coordinated. It makes our body a more comfortable place for us to be in and it makes our body an easier body for our horse to carry and to be near.

Equestrian Tai Chi Deepens Partnerships

As our energy and our awareness of it develops, it opens more of us up for connection with our horse and allows our partnership to become closer.

Equestrian Tai Chi opens more of our Chi body to us

This allows us to connect with our horse at a deeper, more subtle level, where the connection between us is more evident to us both. Our horse’s Chi body is already more spontaneously open than ours.

Equestrian Tai Chi encourages our horse to engage with us energetically

As our energy and our awareness of it develops, it allows our horse to show us how natural and spontaneous he is in his response to tiny nuances in our energy, and for us to know how quick and subtle he is. Our horse comes to know us as an energetic being like him, this opens up energetic communication between us. We come to know each other as energetic beings.

Equestrian Tai Chi opens the possibility to experience the energetic flow of our Essence

Equestrian Tai Chi practice helps to open and develop the energetic flows through which we can experience our True Nature or Essence, which is beyond the duality of Yin and Yang.

Equestrian Tai Chi allows you and your horse together to feel connected to all things

As we become more of ourselves and our experience of ourselves as a part of and connected to all of life increases, it draws our horse more to want to connect with us, then together, we can join in with the flow of life.